Types of Financial Aid

Let's Break it Down

We start by guaranteeing Aquinas Academic Scholarships as the minimum each student will receive each year for up to five years based on their incoming GPA. That’s as much as $125,000 for those with the highest GPAs! On top of that yearly guarantee, there are many other scholarships and grants that you may qualify for based on your family income, extracurricular and leadership activities, involvement in the arts, volunteering, athletics. Not sure what you may need? Our net price calculator is designed to help you estimate your financial aid options for Aquinas College.


Gifts that you do not have to pay back. You may be eligible for merit, endowed or even outside scholarships. Explore  your options and apply.


Gifts from the federal government and the state of Michigan based on your family’s financial need. You will not need to pay these back either.


Provided by the federal government or other sources,  and can be taken out by students or parents. Aquinas will help you plan for repaying these loans.


Aquinas Assurance

The Aquinas Assurance allows eligible low-income families to send their 2024 high school graduates to Aquinas with no out-of-pocket payments toward standard tuition or fees.

Tuition Benefits

Assistance programs available to eligible students through their employer, membership in a professional organization or status as Veteran.

Payment Plans

Payment plans and financial literacy programs are available to help you manage your debt. Learn more about options that will work best for you. The Financial Aid Office and Student Accounts are here to help.


On-Campus Jobs and Work Study

Aquinas students often seek employment on campus. There are dozens of opportunities to work on campus when school is in session, with schedules that accomodate your classes, extracurricular activities and study time.


Veterans Benefits

The Veterans Administration administers certain basic programs for eligible veterans, service persons, reservists, and dependents of veterans seeking assistance for education.


Experience Aquinas

Earn a $1,000 scholarship* toward your AQ tuition by visiting campus. Aquinas’ inviting, wooded campus is the perfect place to study, kick back or meet new people.
*Available to current high school seniors


We’re Here to Help

Our financial aid counselors are the best listeners. Feel free to contact them with your questions.
Phone: (616) 632-2893
Email: financialaid@e9-employment-center.com